List of NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney

Getting the most out of your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan helps you reach your goals for living a full, independent life.

NDIS Plan Managers help you to maximize your support services by using your funds as wisely as possible. They also take the burden out of plan management by handling invoicing, budgeting, payment submission, and NDIS repayments.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of great NDIS Plan Management Providers in Sydney, Australia.

In no particular order, here are some of the best NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney that are helping countless NDIS participants take their plans to the next level:

Sydney Health Care

Sydney Health Care provides full financial management of the support types outlined in NDIS plans.

Sydney Health Care’s specialty is streamlining the management of provider payments, expense claims processing, NDIS repayments, and monthly statements for participants.

Plan participants can look forward to putting their plan management in the hands of a friendly, capable staff offering a holistic, person-focused approach.

This agency excels when it comes to making it easy to manage your plan in order to have more control over your life.

For more information about Sydney Health Care and their NDIS Plan Management services in Sydney, check out their website below.

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Maple Community Services

Maple Community Services saves time for plan participants by dealing with providers, paying providers, and managing budgets. The agency also provides its clients with independent advice and guidance.

Plan participants who sign on with Maple Community Services enjoy day-to-day administration that ensures no detail falls through the cracks.

The agency will receive invoices from providers, check invoices for accuracy, confirm that services are delivered, claim NDIA funds, and make payments to providers.

Clients will always get regular updates to see how much of their plan funding has been utilized. In addition, Maple Community Services takes time to help clients determine the best allocation of funds to get the maximum from plan funding!

To learn more about Maple Community Services and their NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney, check out their website below.

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Effective Plan Management

Established in 2017 by a registered psychologist with 25 years of experience, Effective Plan Management delivers simple and effective NDIS Plan Management services designed to give participants control and understanding of their NDIS plans.

In addition to offering daily hand-on management, this agency also specializes in providing personalized and practical advice for budgeting for both short-term and long-term needs.

Planning consultants at this agency are equipped to help clients understand the funding that’s available through their plans, determine eligibility for funding, learn how to keep track of an NDIS budget, and stay on track with paying the appropriate service providers using NDIS funding.

For more information on Effective Plan Management, their team, and their NDIS Plan Management services in Sydney, check out their website below.

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Macarthur Plan Managers

What makes Macarthur Plan Managers different from other providers is its emphasis on financial planning. The agency’s goal is to provide clients with more choice and control over NDIS funding.

It achieves this by providing an efficient and supportive system that allows NDIS plan participants to stay up to date with their funding in a way that allows them to spend more time focusing on their plan goals.

Clients of Macarthur Plan Managers get to work with a friendly, local, and easily accessible team. The agency’s strong financial background enables its staff to help clients forecast and budget for their NDIS plans.

A monthly budgeting spreadsheet, user-friendly app, and other perks make plan management with Macarthur Plan Managers easier than ever.

To learn more about Macarthur Plan Managers and their NDIS Plan Management services in Sydney, check out their website below.

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Sydney Care Partners

Sydney Care Partners employs a multidisciplinary team ready to complete relevant financial documentation, reports, claims, and payments for NDIS plan participants.

The agency’s comprehensive roster of services includes budget tracking and efficiency monitoring, funds claiming through the NDIS portal, NDIS price guide adherence, financial reporting management, plan review and auditing, and invoice/payment management.

Sydney Care Partners’ plan managers speak English, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Teo Chew. Translation assistance is provided for all other languages at no extra cost.

For more information about Sydney Care Partners and their NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney, check out their website below.

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The emphasis is on paying invoices on time effortlessly with MyIntegra. This agency offers a foolproof system for keeping track of budgeting and spending.

Plan participants who choose this agency enjoy a way to pay invoices quickly, track funds 24/7, and get advice for maximizing a plan’s benefits.

Clients of MyIntegra get increased control over how their plans are used. They also get the peace of mind of knowing that their funding is being managed in a way that ensures funds are available for the entire length of a plan.

To learn more about MyIntegra and their NDIS Plan Management options in Sydney, check out their website below.

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Master Plan Management

Master Plan Management does a great job of taking the hassle out of managing an NDIS plan. This agency’s staff members help plan participants navigate all of the complexities of the NDIS system by offering advice and guidance.

Clients enjoy access to Master Plan Management’s state-of-the-art app that makes keeping track of spending so easy! The app provides live updates whenever new invoices are received. Users can also view monthly budgets.

For more information about Master Plan Management and their NDIS Plan Management team in Sydney, check out their website below.

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My Voice

Providing support for NDIS participants since 2011, My Voice offers flexibility, choice, and control for its clients. My Voice’s claim to fame is its state-of-the art, highly secure automated payment and claiming system.

This agency helps plan participants to ensure that their bills are paid in full, their claims are made on time, and their reporting paperwork is fully accurate.

My Voice can also assist with making decisions about budget expenditures. In addition, My Voice handles payment for care and support services, purchase claims, and more.

To learn more about My Voice and their NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney, check out their website below.

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Bright Plan Management

Bright Plan Management takes on the responsibilities of paying your support providers and submitting claims through the NDIS portal on your behalf.

The agency keeps clients in the loop by sending periodic activity statements to assist with tracking spending. The Bright Plan Management promise is that all invoices will be processed within one to two business days.

Every client is provided with a dedicated plan manager focused on the needs of that client. There’s also a state-of-the-art app for monitoring NDIS plans in real time.

For more information on Bright Plan Management and their NDIS Plan Management services in Sydney, check out their website below.

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Afea’s mission is to provide flexibility and peace of mind for its clients. This agency is a strong choice for NDIS participants seeking a trusted financial intermediary to help ensure that funding is being used to its fullest potential.

The agency works with clients to create a budget for each support. Afea handles payment to providers within five days.

In addition, Afea shares monthly statements, takes care of financial reporting, claims NDIA funds on behalf of clients, and ensures providers aren’t overcharging. The Afea online portal offers full transparency of funds.

To learn more about Afea, their team, and their NDIS Plan Management services in Sydney, check out their website below.

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ADACare’s strength is its ability to streamline the claims process for NDIS participants. When participants choose ADACare, they get the benefit of having a registered professional manage all of the financial aspects of their plans.

Everyone who enrolls with ADACare is allocated a dedicated plan manager with an understanding of their unique circumstances.

When ADACare is handling plan management, service providers send invoices to ADACare. Once the invoice is validated, it is processed within one to three business days.

ADACare then claims funds on behalf of the client. It’s all documented in a shared monthly statement.

For more information about ADACare and their NDIS Plan Management process for Sydney based participants, check out their website below.

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CPS Choice Plan Services

CPS Choice Plan Services makes it feel like you’re having your plan managed by a trusted, friendly advocate. CPS keeps track of NDIS budgeting and expenditures to ensure there’s enough in the budget to achieve your goals.

A CPS plan manager also acts like a liaison whenever questions about a plan arise. Other services include communicating with service providers, making arrangements with support coordinators, reviewing plan details, and managing budgets.

CPS clients enjoy detailed reporting that includes emails, monthly statements, and more.

To learn more about CPS Choice Plan Services and their NDIS Plan Managers in Sydney, check out their website below.

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