Best NDIS Plan Management Software Options (2024)

For people coping with a disability, the last thing they want to do is worry about is having their services interrupted, or receiving an unexpected bill in the mail.

If you’re an NDIS Plan Manager, it’s easy for your job to turn into a tedious, never-ending pile of paperwork as you try to stay on top of your clients’ needs.

NDIS plan management software can help make things easier for you, and, in turn, easier on the disabled community you serve.

In no particular order, here are the 10 best NDIS Plan Management Software options out there:

MYP ‘s Integrated Plan Management Solution

Would automation make your job easier? If so, IPMS may be the solution for you. It can:

  • Plan and set up budgets
  • Validate invoices
  • Track claims
  • Generate reports
  • Submit remittances to service providers.

All of this is automatic.

You can approve a claim, and IPMS will submit it for NDIS approval, pay providers, and complete the reconciliation for you. This software helps take care of a lot of repetitive, low-priority tasks, freeing you up to work on higher priority issues.


Careview takes an innovative, cloud-based approach to NDIS plan management. It also uses artificial intelligence to help generate documents. This software allows you to:

  • Automate provider invoicing.
  • Generate bulk claims.
  • Send out monthly statements.
  • Share budget and invoicing information with support coordinators.

Most interestingly, Careview also offers a mobile app for plan participants. This lets them keep track of their invoices and funding in a simple, user-friendly interface.


Caretaskr is perfectly geared toward small to medium sized providers and plan managers. It’s accessible on the internet and through the company’s mobile app, where plan managers can:

  • Manage clients’ records, including storing copies of important documents.
  • Manage clients’ care plans, including keeping track of care plan goals.
  • Automatically send out invoices.
  • Manage incidents.
  • Store key documents, like policies and procedural manuals.
  • Link clients’ contacts with their profile.
  • Integrate with other platforms.

Caretaskr also helps plan managers with the business side of their work. It allows users to record employee information, keep track of time sheets, and more.


SupportAbility takes a lot of the stress out of managing an NDIS plan. If you’re tired of constantly keeping up to date with changes, or worrying about falling out of compliance, SupportAbility can handle that for you by making sure that you’re always compliant with the latest NDIS rules. It offers:

  • A constantly updated price guide.
  • New releases monthly.
  • An easy way to maintain privacy between services, plan management, and support coordination.
  • The ability to receive multiple invoices, and generate bulk payment requests.
  • An easy way to perform plan reviews.
  • An easy way to generate client statements, reports, and more.

If frequent changes to NDIS procedures and price lists make your job harder, SupportAbility’s frequent updates can help you focus on other things.

Brevity Care Software

Brevity is purpose-built for NDIS plan managers, and every part of it was designed with your needs in mind. The company even worked with plan managers to address their biggest complaints, ensuring that their software would makes things as easy and streamlined as possible. It also offers:

  • Group rostering for multiple support workers and clients.
  • Bulk invoicing.
  • Analytics.
  • Security.
  • Human resources management.
  • Flexibility and customization.

Brevity is also available as a mobile app, so you can access it anywhere you need to. It’s easy-to-use, adaptable, and can integrate with multiple different accounting platforms.


Credability Systems offers two tools to help plan managers out — Planability, and an optional add-on called Scanability.

Credability understands that NDIS plan management lives and dies by efficiency — the more efficiently invoices are processed, the more people mangers can help.

Credability also understands that the NDIS is growing, which means more work for plan managers. This software focuses on two areas: automation, and streamlining. It can:

  • Improve efficiency.
  • Reduce or eliminate human errors.
  • Improve the experience and service to everyone involved, from clients to care providers.

Scanability is an addition to Planability that allows plan managers to digitize paper invoices. It automatically imports the data into Planability, saving time and limiting typographical errors.

Planaji Plan Management Software

Planaji is pretty straightforward. It allows NDIS plan managers to do what they need to do safely and efficiently. This software offers:

  • A tiered login system, so plan managers, support coordinators, and service providers can see only relevant data, preserving client privacy.
  • A simple dashboard system, so managers can see all of the data for an individual client in one place.
  • The ability to manage plan details whenever and wherever necessary.

It also offers three different pricing plans, so you can customize your package based on your needs. Each tier also offers a demo, which lets you see if Planaji is right for you and your clients.

eZaango Care Partners

The NDIS plan management platform offered by eZaango is available as a web portal or mobile app, and purports to reduce time spent on billing and claims by as much as 99.9%.

How many more clients could your business help if you were able to increase your productivity by that much? This software also:

  • Makes it easy to manage shift rosters.
  • Lets you handle reports in one click.
  • Reduces your overhead.
  • Delivers progress notes quickly and easily.
  • Integrates with accounting software.
  • Offers customization and robust customer support.

This platform also guarantees an uptime of 99.9%, so you never have to worry about service interruptions or outages. You’ll always be able to access what you need, when you need it.

iinsight NDIS CRM Software

As iinsight puts it, “Low-quality service reflects inefficiency, poor quality of care, and higher costs in the long run.” This is exactly what this platform is designed to combat, through a combination of:

  • Effortless data entry with drag and drop file management.
  • Internal cost monitoring, to help you track expenses and reduce overhead.
  • Accounting software integration.
  • Simple billing and invoicing.

This NDIS plan management software offers everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

It’s not only used in Australia, it’s also popular all around the world. Check out their 14 day free trial, and see if iinsight is right for your business.

Across Support NDIS Provider Management Software

Across Support is a robust plan management platform that has a lot to offer clients and managers alike. It offers:

  • Management for NDIS plans and self-funding.
  • Tracking for care goals, progress reports, medication, and more.
  • Individual, group, and respite support for clients.
  • Easy on-boarding for new employees.
  • Scheduling and availability for venues, housing, and other important assets.
  • Efficient invoicing, documentation, and auditing.

Across support is an end-to-end plan management solution that helps clients, plan mangers, clinicians, and everyone in between.

It’s built with the needs of both NDIS plan managers and their clients in mind, and makes it easy to make sure that people get the care they need to thrive.

People with disabilities and their care providers have enough to worry about, and bills, delays, and red tape shouldn’t be part of that.

These NDIS plan management software platforms help make your job easier, so you can get back to what’s really important: helping participants meet their care goals and live fulfilling lives.

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