Best NDIS Software Options For Service Providers (2024)

Nobody is an island when working as a service provider within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). One of the best ways to make your business a success is to get the right NDIS management software.

However, you may be wondering where to start. The 10 picks below can help with that!

One important note about all of the NDIS software platforms chosen below is that they are generally scalable.

While not every NDIS provider will need to use every feature today, the features that are available can be unleashed as your business grows to provide you with wider resources without the need to start from scratch.

In no particular order, here are some of the best NDIS software platforms successful service providers are already using:


Caretaskr is a thorough platform with a user-friendly interface that’s ideal for busy NDIS workers on the go. It is designed to manage tasks for support workers, support coordinators, and allied health workers using a single, unified system.

The nice thing about Caretaskr is that it can be scaled for both individual NDIS workers and NDIS teams. For those who employ other NDIS workers, there’s a handy check-in/check-out feature notifying you of when workers are engaged in appointments.

Caretaskr’s robust list of features also allows you to:

  • Book appointments.
  • Manage client records.
  • Create and manage care plans by establishing goals, linking goals to funding, and more.
  • Handle invoicing and finances.
  • Document incidents.
  • Manage PRODA compliance.
  • Integrate with Xero.
  • Store notes.
  • Store and document evidence.
  • Bulk upload to NDIS.
  • Work on the go with iOS and Android integration.
  • Record timesheets.
  • Manage worker accreditations.

Caretaskr shines when it comes to client management.

After creating detailed client profiles, users can get quick references for client addresses, client preferences, client assessments, and service agreements. The dynamic calendar feature makes it easy to see how every appointment fits into the day.


SupportAbility is a cloud-based solution offering a space for simplified, streamlined client management, service delivery, and billing.

While this platform offers a litany of great features, invoicing is really its strength.

The feature for invoicing and claiming features built-in price guides integrated with a finance system to ensure that workers are paid accurately without delay using NDIS bulk payment requests. Users can export invoices and track budgets in real time.

However, SupportAbility isn’t just about billing.

Here’s a look at all of the features SupportAbility offers for both business management and client management:

  • Compliance management using NDIS Practice Standards.
  • Privacy barriers and privilege limits between direct services to ensure that you maintain compliance while also avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • NDIS bulk payment requests.
  • Plan management.
  • Payroll integrations.
  • Alerts and warnings for everything from low funding to expired plans.
  • Goal and outcome tracking.
  • Plan reviews.
  • Client statements.
  • Client support logs.
  • Document management.
  • Case notes.
  • Client scheduling.
  • Incident management.
  • Client assessments.

SupportAbility excels at providing accountability and compliance features. It offers real-time updates and tracking to ensure that NDIS providers are working with the latest information.

SupportAbility’s features for client engagement also makes it easy to provide the best care possible by ensuring that workers have crisp, accurate information going into every client interaction.

Lumary Care Management

Lumary Care Management makes it easy to digitize your healthcare business using a secure cloud-based server.

It’s designed to give workers data to provide better care, make it easy to achieve the compliance standards of funding bodies, manage a workforce in real time, and optimize workflow by identifying wastefulness.

The roster of features includes:

  • Full NDIA API integration.
  • Automated enquiries, referrals, and intake.
  • Case management.
  • Client-related task management.
  • Real-time reporting dashboards.
  • Goal and outcome tracking.
  • Alert notifications.
  • Incident reporting.
  • Automated billing and financing.
  • Travel tracking for support workers.

The Lumary Care Management dashboards are especially helpful for making business decisions in real time based on both immediate and historic data.

The mobile-compatible interface means you can run your business from anywhere. Employees can use their own devices to plug into the CM mobile application for tracking and reporting purposes.

Brevity Care Software

Brevity Care Software is a great choice if the goal is to get more insights for running an NDIS provider business with better efficiency.

This cloud-based, ready-to-use platform blends client management, human resources management, and accounting systems into one spot using dashboards full of visual aids.

Here’s a rundown of the features:

  • Client record management.
  • Employee-record administration.
  • Tracking and reporting for client funding.
  • Rostering for clients and support workers.
  • HR tracking, timesheet management, and leave management.
  • Access limits.
  • Advanced analytics and integration.
  • Beautiful reports.
  • Integration with Xero, MYOB, and QuickBooks.

Brevity Care Software offers freedom to customize the type of information you’re capturing, your field requirements, your alerts, and the appearance of your dashboards.

The scheduling features on this platform make it a top pick for any NDIS provider that deploys multiple workers to multiple locations. The open access to the scheduling module helps to prevent both understaffing and overstaffing issues.

Alaya Care NDIS Management Software

Alaya Care NDIS Management Software creates simplified NDIS services management. The features work in harmony to allow you to simplify your NDIS workflow, reduce staffing overhead, and monitor operations and performance.

Here’s a look at what you can do:

  • Manage NDIS plans and outcomes.
  • Manage individual care and support plans.
  • Monitor and meet all current NDIS compliance requirements.
  • Monitor funding.
  • Create, manage, and tweak individual client schedules.
  • Manage complex documentation.
  • Track tasks, visits, and other billable events.
  • Monitor medication administration.
  • Record and track risks.

While Alaya Care NDIS Management Software offers perks for solo NDIS providers, it can also be scaled up with ease to manage a team.

Staff can access important information via desktop or app. The program also integrates with a number of third-party resources for customized performance.


Caremaster allows NDIS providers to manage all aspects of their businesses. The platform does a great job of providing an all-in-one landing spot for all business information without taking the emphasis off of the “care” side of things.

Here’s what Caremaster does:

  • Manages clients records related to funding, goals, progress notes, documentation, and more.
  • Automates timesheets.
  • Handles NDIS bulk payment.
  • Handles CHSP and MDS reporting.
  • Integrates with Xero.
  • Manages vehicles and properties.

This app makes it easy to go completely paperless by funneling all documentation through its mobile app for Android and iPhone.

It’s one of the easiest tools out there for NDIS workers managing every aspect of running a care business. In addition, its cloud-based features ensure real-time accuracy.

Splose NDIS Software

Splose’s strong point is document management. It’s also great at tracking all aspects of plan management.

Here’s a rundown of what NDIS providers can do with this platform:

  • Create intake forms, privacy consent forms, and service agreements.
  • Collect signatures online.
  • Create templates in a snap.
  • Email links to participants for completing contracts online.
  • Manage calendars.
  • Sends NDIS-compliant invoices.
  • Create progress notes with documents attached.
  • Export appointments, contacts, invoices, client files, forms, and more.

Splose shines as a relationship-management resource. NDIS providers will find that it’s easy to get new clients on board using fully virtual tools.

What’s more, the exporting feature ensures that you can manage all aspects of your business offline. Splose also integrates with more than 15 different payment and communication apps and platforms.

8. FoxTrot by StepSoft

This cloud-based platform is one of the best for client management. In addition, its integrations with Microsoft and PowerB make it easy to keep neat books.

FoxTrot offers:

  • Client relationship management.
  • Membership management.
  • Group management.
  • Financial and payment management with Xero and MYOB integrations.
  • Recurring billing.
  • Bulk messaging.
  • Dashboards.

While FoxTrot doesn’t offer as many NDIS-specific features as other platforms, it is a strong choice for any provider looking for a better way to manage “people.”

This platform shines when it comes to both client and employee management. What’s more, its easy integrations mean you don’t have to change up how you manage your business offline.

9. Care Diary

Care Diary is a great piece of compliance software for NDIS providers. It offers a streamlined platform that handles all aspects of running a small business.

Here’s a peek at what users can do:

  • Manage compliance.
  • Manage participant funds, NDIS goals, risks, progress notes, incidents, vital signs, and more.
  • Manage staff.
  • Access reporting and analytics.

Users can also integrate payroll and other business processes into the platform using Xero & MYOB.

The nice thing about Care Diary is that it’s not bulky. While other platforms may offer more, Care Diary offers all of the baselines that smaller NDIS providers need to stay organized even if they aren’t necessarily interested in employing dozens of people.

10. EziCare

The best feature of EziCare is that you’re getting all of your support questions answered by an in-house support staff based in Australia.

This can be helpful if you run into any frustrations that are preventing you from utilizing every feature to give your clients the best of the best.

This platform offers:

  • Participant management.
  • Rostering.
  • App technology.
  • Personnel files.
  • Time and attendance records.
  • Dashboards.
  • NDIS-compliance support.
  • Support coordination.
  • Integrated billing.
  • Mileage tracking via app.

This is a great app if you need to include employees in your reporting because the app makes it easy for workers to check in and out.

There’s also a feature that lets you match client needs to worker skills. You can also add skills and credentials to worker files for easy reference.

Choosing the Right NDIS Software

Which software option is the best one for your business goals? The only way to find out is to request to schedule a demo.

The good news is that all of the NDIS software options above will let you do just that without the need to make a commitment.

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