List of NDIS Plan Managers in Bendigo

Are you looking for the perfect NDIS Plan Manager in Bendigo?

In this guide, we have put together a list of Plan Managers in Bendigo that can help you with the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

In no particular order, here are some of the best NDIS Plan Managers in Bendigo:

OnTime Plan Services

Ontime Plan Services is a registered NDIS Plan Manager based in Bendigo that has lived experience with disability and has a good understanding of their clients, their needs, and how the simplest things can become difficult without the right supports.

OnTime Plan Services enable their clients to use the providers of their choice, that are the best match for their requirements, without the time or responsibilities of them having to self-manage the entire process.

OnTime Plan Services’s goal is to reduce the time, stress and confusion that participants may face when dealing with an NDIS plan and strive to provide a personalised service to each of their clients based on their needs, strengths, preferences and their goals.

OnTime Plan Services is a DPO/FO which means at least half of all employees, directors or board members are either people with a disability or family of a person with a disability.

For more information on OnTime Plan Services and their NDIS Plan Managers in Bendigo, check out their website below.

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Golden City Support Services

Golden City Support Services is a not-for profit, for purpose organisation that provides a range of disability support services, including NDIS Plan Management in Bendigo.

Golden City Support Services enable their participants to maintain control over their NDIS funding and select the providers of their choice.

Golden City Support Services manage and monitor their clients’ budgets over the duration of their plan and can maintain records and produce regular statements showing the financial position of the participants plan.

Golden City Support Services is experienced and skilled in disability supports and mental health recovery, keep up to date with NDIS guidelines, and can also provide reports to the NDIS about the use of the client’s NDIS funding.

To learn more about Golden City Support Services and their NDIS Plan Management services Bendigo, check out their website below.

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Lifely is a registered disability service provider operating in Bendigo that offers a wide range of disability support services, including NDIS Plan Management.

Lifely aims to help participants get the most from their NDIS Plans by taking on the burden of managing the financial administration that goes along with their plans.  

Lifely’s team of plan managers are highly qualified and experienced and can submit claims to the NDIS portal, pay provider invoices and help with any NDIS related issues.

Lifely offers fast payment processing and use dedicated plan management software to promptly validate claims against NDIS rules, claim via the NDIA portal and deliver faster provider payments and remittances. 

For more information on Lifely and their NDIS Plan Management services in Bendigo, check out their website below.

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WDEA Works

WDEA Works is a registered NDIS Plan Manager operating in Bendigo that knows the NDIS inside out and has vast experience in working with the NDIS.

WDEA Works NDIS Plan Managers take on the responsibility of keeping track of client budgets, making payments, tracking expenses and generally managing client NDIS plan funding, giving participants the freedom to live the life they always wanted to.

WDEA Works pay approved invoices on behalf of clients, provide the required records and evidence of support to the NDIA, and can negotiate appropriate rates and ensure that clients are not paying too much for their services.

WDEA Works is proficient in making claims and payments via the MyPlace online portal and liaising with providers, taking the pressure off the participants that they work with.

To learn more about WDEA Works and their NDIS Plan Managers in Bendigo, check out their website below.

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Your Choice Plan Management

Your Choice Plan Management is a not-for-profit team of trusted NDIS Plan Managers operating in Bendigo. Your Choice’s friendly team go above and beyond to make life easier for their clients by taking the hassles out of NDIS invoices and administration. 

Your Choice clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re getting the most out of their plan and that their providers have been paid promptly and correctly as Your Choice pays service providers within 24-hours and guarantees same-day invoice processing.

Your Choice also offer an app that allows participants to keep track of their budget, remaining funds, and invoices. Your Choice also send regular statements and reports about their clients’ NDIS plans.

To learn more about Your Choice and their NDIS Plan Management services for Bendigo residents, check out their website below.

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