List of NDIS Support Coordinators in Perth

Are you looking for an NDIS Support Coordinator in Perth?

In this guide, we have put together a list of Support Coordinators in Perth that can help you every step of the way on your NDIS journey.

In no particular order, here are some of the best NDIS Support Coordinators in Perth:

Avenues Australia

Avenues Australia is a registered NDIS disability support group offering NDIS Support Coordination to NDIS participants across the Perth area.

Avenues Australia specialises in supporting people with highly complex and interrelated support needs. Avenues Australia’s Support Coordination service provides tailored support to design, implement, monitor and review support plans.

The NDIS support coordinators at Avenus Australia address barriers to implementing supports and reduce or manage the complexity in the support environment while supporting their clients to build capacity and resilience over time.

Avenues Australia work with participants to activate informal, community, NDIS funded and mainstream services in order to have a holistic support environment that support their clients to live more independently and achieve the quality of life that they envision for themselves.

To learn more about Avenues Australia and if their NDIS Support Coordination services are right for you, check out their website below.

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Perth Disability Services

Perth Disability Services is a registered NDIS disability support group serving Perth, Western Australia and regional suburbs. Perth Disability Services provide care and support services to eligible NDIS participants, including NDIS Support Coordination. 

The support coordinators at Perth Disability Services are committed to helping NDIS participants by understanding their requirements and implementing their plan successfully.

Perth Disability Services work with their clients closely, helping them realise their needs and utilise NDIS funds to live independently & comfortably.

Perth Disability Services help their clients break down their plans and connect to the NDIS services in Perth that best suit their needs.

The team at Perth Disability Services has a strong focus on personalised service delivery as they work within the NDIS practice standards to attain an improved quality of life for their clients.

For more information on Perth Disability Services and their team, check out their website below.

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Aastha Community Services

Aastha Community Services is a registered disability support group in the Perth region that is committed to delivering the best of the NDIS to their clients.

Aastha Community Services has well-trained NDIS Support Coordinators with years of disability services experience in their bags to guide their clients through the strenuous processes of the NDIS.

The team at Aastha Community Services work with participants and their family to understand their goals and objectives so that they will be able to make the most out of their plan.

The support coordinators at Asatha ensure that their clients understand what they are getting through the scheme and how to get maximum benefits from the NDIS.

Aastha Community Services also train participants’ supporting system such as family and carers to assist them in emergencies and other daily activities.

The team at Aastha ensure that their clients’ choice and control are retained when it comes to fund usage, connecting with local providers and also how the services are delivered to them.

To learn more about Aastha Community Services and their NDIS Support Coordination services in Perth, check out their website below.

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Interchange is a disability support group supporting Western Australians living with disabilities to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives through individualised, local, and community-based support.

Interchange is committed to ensuring that the people they support have the opportunity to participate in activities that enable them to enhance, fulfill and demonstrate a valued role in their community. 

For 30 years Interchange have been putting people at the centre of everything they do.

Interchange has a team of experienced NDIS Support Coordinators in Perth who work with their clients to develop individualised management plans that address their personal needs and wants – especially if they have specialist support needs.

To find out more about Interchange and their services, check out their website below.

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Aus-Ability is a registered disability service provider that offers NDIS Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination services to participants across Perth.

Aus-Ability WA staff are made up of Allied Health Professionals with years of experience whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of others.

Staff at Aus-Ability undergo continuous extensive training. They believe that empowering others begins by empowering themselves and that is why they promote continuous education and training as a part of their staff development.

Aus-Ability works closely with the National Disability Services (NDS) to ensure they have the most up to date information, resources, and training.

To learn more about Aus-Ability and their NDIS Support Coordination services in Perth, check out their website below.

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My Supports

My Supports was founded in 2015 by people with a disability and their families.

The founders – Jim Cairns, Rex Baker and Terry Mader – saw the NDIS as an opportunity for people with a disability to play a greater role in designing and delivering services.

The NDIS Support Coordinators at My Supports help their clients get the best out of their NDIS Plans. They have a wide range of networks that they connect clients with, such as therapists, equipment specialists and support services.

The Team at My Supports help participants take action and follow their plan, supporting them in achieving their goals. 

My Supports understand their clients want to get the most out of their NDIS package, and receive high quality services for a great price.

My Supports align their pricing to the most up-to-date NDIS price guide. Their Price Promise is to never charge an individual more than the amounts listed in the NDIS price guide.

For more information on My Supports, their team, and their NDIS Support Coordination services in Perth, check out their website below.

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