List of NDIS Support Coordinators in Melbourne

Are you looking for an NDIS Support Coordinator in Melbourne?

In this guide, we have put together a list of Support Coordinators in Melbourne that can help you every step of the way on your NDIS journey.

In no particular order, here are some of the best NDIS Support Coordinators in Melbourne:

Blue Heart Community Care

Blue Heart Community Care is a registered disability support group in South East Melbourne offering NDIS Support Coordination services to NDIS participants.

The support coordinators at Blue Heart Community Care constantly strive to guide their clients through uncertainties and improve the overall NDIS experience.

Blue Heart Community Care has a team of trained, skilled and compassionate professionals who help clients negotiate service agreements, including the pricing. They also guide and support clients to determine the most effective way to optimise their NDIS plan.

In addition, Blue Heart Community Care support managing any service disruptions and identifying alternative options when the regular services might be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

For more information on Blue Heart Community Care and their NDIS Support Coordination services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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Sovereign Lives Victoria

Sovereign Lives Victoria is an established disability support group offering NDIS Support Coordination services to individuals with disabilities and their families in Melbourne.

Sovereign Lives focus on providing a comprehensive range of wellbeing and lifestyle services to ensure that people with disabilities can live their lives independently.

The team at Sovereign Lives Victoria are committed to providing the best options to individuals and their families for their home care needs.

Sovereign Lives Victoria listen to their clients’ needs carefully to determine what a client wants. They then match their clients with the best carers that take care of all their home care requirements.

To learn more about Sovereign Lives Australia and their team, check out their website below.

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Yooralla provides NDIS Support Coordination in Melbourne to help people with disabilities and their family or support network to navigate through the different stages of their National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) journey and to achieve their goals.

The qualified, experienced NDIS Support Coordination team at Yooralla support their clients to understand and implement their NDIS plans and strive to build their capacity to undertake tasks associated with the management of their own supports.

Yooralla’s Support Coordination team is comprised of people with extensive disability services training and experience. They know the NDIS and have been providing Support Coordination since the beginning of the NDIS.

The Support Coordinators at Yooralla are responsive, respectful, excellent communicators, and are skilled in working with people with a wide range of disabilities and complex support needs.

To learn more about Yooralla and their services, check out their website below.

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CoAbility is a disability group offering NDIS Support Coordination services to participants in Melbourne. The team at Coability are experts at helping clients understand their plan, activating it and finding the right service providers to help them achieve their goals.

The team at Coability do the groundwork for their clients, happily researching new and existing providers that will meet their specific needs.

Coability strive to build respectful relationships with the people who access their services so they can provide them with quality, flexible and responsive supports that promote independence and build their capacity to realise their full potential.

Coability supports people with all levels of disability, including high and complex needs. They match the needs of their clients with one of their team members to ensure they get the best NDIS Support Coordinator for them.

For more information on Coability, their team, and their services, check out their website below.

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HealthAbility is a disability support service provider offering NDIS Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination services to people with disabilities across Melbourne.

Through their range of support coordination, therapies, personal care and supports based in the home or community, HealthAbility empower people with disability to achieve their goals and get the best possible value from their NDIS package.

The passionate and experienced team at HealthAbility put their clients’ needs at the centre of every decision to deliver a tailored experience to support them to live their best life.

If you choose HealthAbility as your Support Coordination provider, A Support Coordinator will meet with you to explain your NDIS plan and help you to understand what needs to be done to access the supports you need.

They will also help you find the service providers that are best suited to you.

Some of the ways this is done is by linking you to personal care and community access workers, navigating housing, or assisting with daily activities, finding a job or finding an allied health therapist.

For more information on HealthAbility and their services, check out their website below.

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Pathways to Care

Pathways to Care is a disability support group that offers NDIS Support Coordination and Plan Management to NDIS participants across the Melbourne region.

Pathways to Care aim to be one of Australia’s premier NDIS Support Coordination services for people with disability. They provide comprehensive, high-quality NDIS support to help clients find, select and access the NDIS supports that are right for them.

Pathways to Care also provides high quality, transparent and accountable NDIS Plan Management services to help you manage your NDIS funding budget.

Pathways to Care is 100% independent, which means their advice and referrals to other disability providers are objective and based solely on what’s best for their clients.

All of Pathways to Care’s operations and activities are built upon the values of inclusiveness, respect, responsiveness and continuous improvement.

To learn more about Pathways to Care and their team, check out their website below.

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