List of NDIS Support Coordinators in Brisbane

Are you looking for an NDIS Support Coordinator in Brisbane?

In this guide, we have put together a list of Support Coordinators in Brisbane that can help you every step of the way on your NDIS journey.

In no particular order, here are some of the best NDIS Support Coordinators in Brisbane:

Marli and Moe

Marli and Moe is an NDIS Support Coordinator and Specialist Support Coordinator that helps people living with disabilities find and choose local providers for the best value and quality right across Brisbane.

The Marli and Moe team is led by their Director Jemma who has navigated the NDIS since its introduction with her daughter Marli.

Marli and Moe provides unique and specially tailored NDIS Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination services to their clients across the Brisbane area.

The team at Marli and Moe are local people who know Brisbane and are highly skilled at sourcing a diverse range of supports from specialist disability to therapeutic services and  mainstream supports. 

Marli and Moe supports their clients to choose how they want their services to be provided and who they want to provide them. 

They can then help find the right providers, and get those services set up – including supporting their clients to decide the budget for each type of support and negotiating prices and service agreements.

For more information on Marli and Moe and their services, check out their website below.

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Abundant Care Services

Abundant Care Services is an independent, registered NDIS disability support group that offers NDIS Support Coordination services to participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme across Brisbane.

Abundant Care Services was established in November 2019 by Directors Gail Standen and Sarah Elsley.  

Gail and Sarah bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the NDIS Support Coordination space, having worked in the human services field for over 25 years in both Government and Non-Government Organisations.

When participants partner with Abundant Care Services for their support coordination needs, they can feel confident that their NDIS Support Coordinator holds, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree in the human services field.

Abuntant Care Services will only refer the best services for their clients at the best prices, as they are not affiliated with any other service providers.

To learn more about Abundant Care Services, check out their website below.

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St Jude’s

Established for 40 years, St Judes is a disability support provider in Brisbane offering a wide range of disability services to NDIS participants, including NDIS Support Coordination.

The support coordinators at St. Jude’s educate their clients about the NDIS, so they thoroughly understand the NDIS, their specific plan and what choices they have in regard to different disability support services available to them.

The team at St. Jude’s strive to develop on-going relationships with their clients, by providing assistance at each stage of their NDIS plans.

St. Jude’s ultimate goal is to increase their client’s capacity to maintain relationships, manage their supports and help them to participate in their community.

For more information on St. Jude’s and their NDIS Support Coordination services in Brisbane, check out their website below.

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InFocus Disability

InFocus Disability is a disability support group based in Brisbane specialising in the supports that people need to help them on their NDIS journey.

InFocus has a team of experienced and talented NDIS Support Coordinators and Plan Managers that are proud to support NDIS participants, their families and their carers.

InFocus have over 70 year of experience supporting people with disability and their team have extensive knowledge of how the NDIS works.

Since the NDIS launched in July 2017, InFocus now support hundreds of individuals and families with NDIS Support Coordination in Brisbane and many more throughout the whole of Queensland with Plan Management.

InFocus have extensive experience in disability services and an in-depth knowledge of how the NDIS works. They help their clients to navigate, understand and implement their NDIS plans.

InFocus have a network of local Brisbane and Queensland support providers that they connect clients with to make sure that they are getting the right support to meet their individual needs.

To learn more about InFocus and their services, check out their website below.

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MyIntegra is an independent, registered NDIS disability support organisation that offers NDIS support coordination services to people living with disabilities in Brisbane and Greater Brisbane.

MyIntegra’s experienced allied health professionals, support coordinators, financial accountants and customer service representatives help their clients to navigate, understand and implement their NDIS plan and budget.

MyIntegra’s mission is to help people with a disability achieve what they set out to. They work with their clients to plan realistic goals and then provide the support, motivation and inspiration to keep them moving forward.

For more information on MyIntegra, their team, and their NDIS Support Coordination services in Brisbane, check out their website below.

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Afford (Australian Foundation For Disability)

Afford is a registered disability support organisation in Brisbane trusted by thousands of people to provide disability support that inspires and enriches lives every day, including NDIS Support Coordination services.

Afford supports their clients, their families and carers – in many unique ways that give them the opportunity to explore their interests, do what they love and live comfortably.

Afford is one of Australia’s longest serving disability service providers, dedicated to helping people with disabilities live an empowered life. They encourage their clients to discover new life experiences, work options and embrace social and balanced lifestyles.

Afford is not your typical not-for-profit; they are savvy, innovative, fast-paced and beaming with pride for the work they do.

Afford are proud leaders in the disability field and have fostered a reputation for best-practice approaches to service delivery under the NDIS.

To learn more about Afford and their team of NDIS Support Coordinators in Brisbane, check out their website below.

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Disability Plan Services

Disability Plan Services is a registered NDIS Provider offering Support Coordination and Plan Management services to people with disabilities in Brisbane.

At Disability Plan Services, relationships are at the core of everything they do.

The team at Disability Plan Services believe that in order to achieve your life goals, everyone needs a little support from people they know and trust.

Disability Plan Services team members are more than just NDIS Support Coordinatiors. They are the trusted partners of their clients.

Disability Plan Services provide participants and their loved ones with the knowledge and information they need to reach their goals, without the frustrating jargon.

To learn more about Disability Plan Services, their team, and their NDIS Support Coordination services in Brisbane, check out their website below.

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