List of NDIS Support Coordinators in Adelaide

Are you looking for an NDIS Support Coordinator in Adelaide?

In this guide, we have put together a list of Support Coordinators in Adelaide that can help you every step of the way on your NDIS journey.

In no particular order, here are some of the best NDIS Support Coordinators in Adelaide:

Connected Self

Connected Self is a disability support provider founded in 2007 that offers a wide range of disability support services, including NDIS Support Coordination, to participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Adelaide.

Connected Self have a professional and qualified team of female and male staff who provide Support Coordination (level 2) and Specialist Support Coordination (level 3) for children, young people and adults with disabilities.

Connected Self Specialist NDIS Support Coordinators are:

  • Experienced in working with families and young people with high and complex needs
  • Experienced in supporting participants with exploring their housing options (EHO)
  • Provide outreach supports to Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern suburbs of Adelaide

For more information on Connected Self and their team of Support Coordinators, check out their website below.

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My Care Planner

My Care Planner is an NDIS Support Coordination and Plan Management group offering support services to NDIS participants across the Adelaide region.

My Care Planner have a broad network of quality support providers that they connect clients with across South Australia.

No matter where their clients live in the state, the team at My Care Planner help them maximise the supports in their NDIS plan.

My Care Planner’s NDIS support coordination services and specialist support coordination services are available across South Australia, including Eastern Adelaide, Northern Adelaide, Southern Adelaide, Western Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Light and Lower North, Fleurieu Peninsula, Murray and Mallee, Yorke and Mid North, Limestone Coast and Eyre, Western and Far North.

To learn more about My Care Planner and their services, check out their website below.

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Accept Care

Accept Care is a disability support and aged care provider in Adelaide that offer NDIS Support Coordination services to their clients.

Accept Care assist their clients in maximising the full value of their NDIS plan, by helping them to understand what they are entitled to and connecting them with relevant support and services.

They focus on helping clients build their skills, support them in making informed choices to make the most of their funding, and to gain control over their life.

The NDIS Support Coordination team at Accept Care can help to take the stress out of managing your NDIS plan by working with you to ensure you have choice and control in decision making to engage with appropriate services to achieve your goals.

The NDIS Support Coordinators at Accept Care are also funding specialists. They are experienced in ensuring that clients receive sufficient funds to access the services that they need to flourish and reach their full potential.

For more information on Accept Care and their services, check out their website below.

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Enhanced Lifestyles

Enhanced Lifestyles is a Support Coordination provider in Adelaide that assist with managing the services that impact their clients’ health, education, social engagement and more.

Enhanced Lifestyles’ goal in this work is to assist their customers in receiving the most value out of their plans as possible, with a focus on prioritising areas that directly correlate to each of their customers’ needs.

Enhanced Lifestyles prioritise their clients’ feedback, ensuring they’re heard. Each support network is designed based on their preferences and desires.

The NDIS Support Coordinators/Specialist Support Coordinators at Enhanced Lifestyles work with their clients to assist in implementing their NDIS plan, supporting their sufficiency, and ensuring their individual needs are met on an ongoing basis.

Enhanced Lifestyles prioritise long-term outcomes that keep choice and control in the hands of the individual. Their collaborative work with a multitude of service providers contributes to an overall experience of holistic, person-centred, and dignified care.

To learn more about Enhanced Lifestyles, their team, and their NDIS Support Coordination services in in Adelaide, check out their website below.

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Smile Care Community Provider

Smile Care is an Adelaide NDIS Support Coordinator with a commitment to ensuring all participants fully understand their plan.

Smile Care’s mission is to make clients the sole priority while providing them with excellent service and awareness. They work with clients of all ages and backgrounds no matter how complex their needs are.

Smile Care make it easy and care free when getting one of their specialists to support clients with their goals and their ambitions.

Smile Care collaboratively work together with participants to understand and manage their plans, to maximise the services that they have available to them, and in turn, creating a great relationship to support their clients with every aspect of NDIS Support Coordination.

To learn more about Smile Care Community Provider and their services, check out their website below.

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Around the Well

Lindi Airey developed Around the Well to offer a person-centred approach that offers a well-developed model of supports to get the best outcome for all participants and their families.

The qualified team at Around the Well provide support services tailored to individual needs and goals including; NDIS Support Coordination, Specialised Support Coordination, and Counselling.

Around the Well are experienced at working with people who have high and complex needs, providing access to supports and opportunities designed to positively impact their life, and the lives of those around them.

At the heart of their philosophy is a sense of compassion and care that is underpinned by a lived experience, an understanding of navigating the NDIS, and the complexities and challenges that may be faced along the way.

For more information on Around the Well and their NDIS Support Coordination services in Adelaide, check out their website below.

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