Best NDIS Support Coordination Software Options (2024)

As a care coordinator, you know how heavy your workload can be. Each client has their own needs and team of specialists, and it takes a lot to keep all of that straight.

The right software can help you not only stay organized on the business side of things, but also ensure that you’re providing the best service you possibly can to each and every one of your clients.

It can help you keep their individual needs at the forefront, while making sure that your collaboration with their care providers goes smoothly and efficiently.

In no particular order, here are the best NDIS support coordination software programs and platforms out there:


Astalty is a streamlined, straightforward NDIS support coordination software system that was developed by NDIS experts. The perk here is that free onboarding and data importation make getting started quickly so easy!

Here’s a look at some key features:

  • On-the-go billing that lets support coordinators bill their time from anywhere. There’s no need to try to remember to catch up after getting back to your desk!
  • Direct invoicing.
  • High-integrity data storage through ISO27001-certified providers located in Australia.
  • Real-time tools and notifications for budget management.
  • Time-management resources for tracking billable and nonbillable hours.
  • Custom notifications for key actions and deadlines.
  • Customer support.
  • Free 14-day trial.

Astalty shines at helping coordinators get a lot done in very little time. By generating batches and doing bulk file uploads, it’s easy to reconcile your entire load in minutes.

The scalable nature of the platform’s features makes it easy to manage both daily and weekly tasks without tons of toggling.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Astalty software.


DC2VUE gives NDIS support coordinators the ability to easily manage care for clients who need geriatric, mental health, or even acute care specialists.

It’s set up to help coordinators:

  • Set up pathways that outline the best steps to take.
  • Establish timeframes and care goals.
  • Anticipate client outcomes.
  • Use “smart scheduling” to maximize their ability to help clients.
  • View data-driven insights.
  • Allow clients to access their information through a patient portal.

DC2VUE is created to help people in need of care to get the highest quality help available. With it, you can help your clients set and achieve their care goals and live the healthiest, happiest lives they can.


If you need an all-in-one platform that you can set up in an hour or less, then eTrack has you covered. It’s made in Australia, specifically for the needs of NDIS support coordinators.

It’s also designed to scale with your business, since it allows an unlimited number of participants.

It also offers:

  • A holistic view of all correspondence, to make it easier for coordinators to collaborate with physicians and other specialists.
  • A robust search capability that can filter clients by name, provider, referrals, and more.
  • Access to all of your data, even if your subscription ends.
  • Dashboards tailored to a support coordinator’s role.

This platform by eTrack is user-friendly, secure, and easy to deploy. It doesn’t take long to get up and running, and you can test it for a few weeks with their free trial.


Caretaskr is intended to help every facet of NDIS support — from care coordination, to management, to providers.

It’s set up in a way that makes it easy to:

  • Manage care plans, including monitoring patient care goals.
  • Book appointments.
  • Manage incidents.
  • Use either on a computer, or via a mobile device.
  • Keep track of client information, including contacts, client likes and dislikes, and important addresses.

Caretaskr allows support coordinators to do what they need to do — keep track of their clients’ goals and needs, and help meet them.

Its interface is clear and simple, and it helps simplify the business end of things as well, with bulk uploads, automated invoicing, and integration with accounting software.

Sonic Software

Sonic Software is software made for support coordinators, by support coordinators. It’s made to make NDIS compliance easy, while allowing you to provide the best possible experience and help for your clients.

This software offers:

  • The ability to record case notes and billable time in the same record.
  • Easy, customizable forms and agreements.
  • Training designed specifically for support coordinators.
  • A suite of tools and resources to help support coordinators.
  • An easy-to-access client portal.

If your old platform was lacking something, Sonic Software probably has it. The company also offers a two-week free trial, so you can see if this software works for you and your clients.


SupportAbility offers cloud-based software intended to simplify NDIS support coordination. Your job is complicated enough — shouldn’t your software make it easier?

SupportAbility helps you:

  • Track client appointments and absenteeism.
  • Track client travel and transport.
  • Quickly spot gaps in communication and documentation.
  • Establish strategies for helping clients meet their goals.
  • Collaborate across a number of different services.

SupportAbility knows how difficult assuring NDIS compliance can be, and how dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” can take time away from providing clients with good service.

You can request a demo to see how well it fits your business, and how it can help you provide better client support.

Careview App

Careview is dedicated to building software that’s pleasant to use, intuitive, and thoughtfully designed. It keeps client information secure, yet easily accessible when needed.

The company purports to help reduce administration time by 50%, which frees you up to coordinate support for more people.

For NDIS support coordinators specifically, Careview can:

  • Provide fast, easy access to client information through the web or a mobile app.
  • Help you create budgets.
  • Let you add client relationships and health goals.
  • Help to eficiently manage billable and non-billable case notes.
  • Allow you to follow everything with a clear dashboard and the ability to quickly generate reports.

If your office is spending more time ensuring compliance and doing paperwork instead of helping clients, Careview may be able to help. Their subscription model is flexible, with multiple tiers to fit the size of your office and client roster.

Brevity Care Software

Brevity’s NDIS support coordination software was made specifically with support coordinator’s needs in mind.

Everything about it revolves around helping you help more clients, all while keeping your billable hours, NDIS compliance, and other vital aspects of your job straight.

It provides:

  • A pre-loaded NDIS price guide.
  • A sleek, easy-to-use interface.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • A high level of security.
  • A comprehensive way to manage client records.

Brevity care software is ready to go the day you install it. It’s simple to use, and comes pre-packaged with everything you need.

Partners in Care

Partners in Care gives support coordinators the power to manage budgets, medical histories, activities, client goals, and more.

It also provides several unique features like:

  • Daily living assistance.
  • Community access and access assistance.
  • Domestic assistance.
  • The ability to upload relevant articles or medical manuals.
  • Client feedback.
  • The ability to capture supplier and brokerage details.
  • Customizable checklists.

Partners in Care wants to help support coordinators save time and money, while empowering them to help as many clients as possible, as effectively as possible.

No matter what kind of assistance and care your clients need, this software can help you pull it all together.

Support coordinators have an important job. Keeping track of care goals, appointments, and budgets is a tough task for a single person, let alone a long client roster.

These software platforms can help make this easier for you, while ensuring that you stay NDIS-compliant.

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