How to Find NDIS Clients

A fresh start in your career can be a gateway to a more fulfilling life! One of the big perks of making the pivot to a career as an NDIS provider is that people find they have more control over the hours they work.

In many cases, NDIS workers strategically plan client loads to allow for more freedom and flexibility than they had in previous careers.

NDIS professionals don’t necessarily have to wait to be assigned hours by employers the way salaried or hourly employees do. They are instead able to craft client lists that allow them to book sessions directly with the people they serve.

Building up a client list is a process. The goal is to create a roster of clients that allows you to work on a full-time or part-time basis based on your own needs and preferences.

If you’re coming into the NDIS world for a fresh start, you may be wondering how to get clients. How does one begin finding clients as an NDIS service provider?

Take a look at some simple tips for connecting with clients who are looking for the services you offer!

1. Connect and Network With NDIS Support Coordinators and Local Area Coordinators (LACs)

NDIS professionals are very interconnected because so much of what they do involves collaborating for the benefit of their clients. Connecting with other providers working in your local area is one of the best ways to learn about openings in your area.

What’s more, establishing rapport with other NDIS professionals is a great way to get recommendations when openings for jobs that require your specific skills appear.

NDIS support coordinators are always sourcing local disability support providers for their clients, so networking with support coordinators in your area can go a long way when it comes to finding new NDIS clients.

Networking also allows you to grow skills by learning about the philosophies and approaches of professionals in your area who are currently serving NDIS clients.

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2. Utilize Facebook Groups

There are many very active, helpful NDIS-related Facebook groups for specific cities and locations around Australia. These groups are wonderful resources for linking up with NDIS providers and finding clients in your area in a very informal, friendly atmosphere.

These online spaces allow new and established providers to ask questions, answer questions, put out feelers regarding job opportunities and promote their services.

3. Create a Professional Business Website and Optimize For Local SEO

What’s the first thing you do when you want to know something, or want to find something? Chances are you ‘Google it.’

Being on the top page of search engine results for keywords related to your local disability services is a great way to ensure long term visibility for your NDIS business.

What’s more, once you’re ranking high in search engine results for your target search terms, your business website can get targeted, long term organic traffic without having to invest your budget in advertising.

With online web-design marketplaces, it has never been easier and cheaper to get a professional website up and running. Just be sure to choose a seller that has a lot of positive reviews and a desirable turnaround time.

4. Content Marketing

The beauty of embarking on a career as an NDIS service provider is that you really do get to be in charge of your own “destiny” in terms of how much your business grows!

Many providers find that investing just a little bit into marketing efforts can pay off richly. Consider building up targeted content marketing that is engaging and useful.

This can be achieved using videos, social posts and blogs that share useful and inspiring information. Sharing valuable, life-enriching information is one of the best ways to become a recognized authority in your area, and in turn, your local search engine results!

Here’s a look at some ideas:

  • Create reminders about NDIS changes, happenings, updates or special dates.
  • Provide helpful tips related to “better living” with a disability.
  • Create some informative content regarding how the NDIS works.
  • Share inspiration regarding thriving with a disability.
  • Create content inspiring people in need to discover all that NDIS services can do for them.

The goal is to build up a persona as a trusted, recognized local face! Your content will display your passion for this field.

As a result, people who come across your content may remember you when it’s time to seek out services from an NDIS professional.

5. Utilize Google Display, Social Media, and Retargeting ads to Boost Visibility

Many NDIS providers find that paying for ad space enables them to “spread the word” about their services to grow their client lists quickly.

This often means paying for ads that feature keywords related to your location and services with a way for interested NDIS participants to contact you directly.

Platforms like Facebook, the Google Display Network, and Instagram can be very easy for marketers to use because the process for building and publishing ads is quite simple.

What’s more, you’re able to be very strategic in regards to keywords, location and demographics. You can also retarget visitors who have looked at your website to ensure that they don’t forget about you when it’s time to pick an NDIS service provider.

Installing the Facebook pixel on your professional website is a good way to retarget visitors to obtain new clients without spending a ton on ad buying.

Another great way to advertise to a targeted market is the Google Ad Display Network. The Google Ad Display Network allows advertisers to place their ads on real websites with real traffic within their target market niche, like Snizzle!

Advertisers can also choose to show their ads on websites with content related to their local area, which can be a great way to spread brand awareness among your local community.

6. Consider Becoming an NDIS-Registered Provider

As you may already know, there’s no requirement to become an NDIS service provider to begin providing reimbursable services to self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants.

Many people pivoting to careers as NDIS providers prefer to skip the registration process because it can be a bit of a hurdle. Registering as an NDIS provider requires extra time and cost.

You must also organize and complete an audit. However, being registered can be a bit of a shortcut to building a client list because you will be featured on the NDIS Provider Finder tool in the program’s official provider portal.

This may help you to enjoy a boost in visibility within the NDIS community. You will also be able to expand your reach by gaining access to NDIS-managed participants.

Of course, paying thousands of dollars to be listed on the NDIS provider portal isn’t feasible for many new NDIS providers who are just beginning their careers.

The good news is that you can also choose to make the leap to becoming a registered provider down the road if the time and monetary investments are too large to deal with at the moment.

Final Thoughts on How to Find NDIS Clients as a Service Provider

NDIS service providers have more options for meeting new clients than ever before!

One thing that becomes obvious after “entering the marketplace” is that there are many NDIS participants seeking qualified, enthusiastic NDIS providers who are ready to provide in-demand services.

The big takeaway is that investing just a little bit of time to become immersed in the NDIS community is really the best option for boosting your professional visibility.

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