List of NDIS Plan Managers in Melbourne

NDIS Plan Managers can be a person’s – or family’s – best ally. If you’re currently managing your own plan, you probably know how much time it takes to handle paperwork, pay providers, and pursue reimbursements.

If you’re new to the NDIS, you may also be missing out by not knowing how to make the most of your funding. A good Plan Management provider can help you stretch your funding, while still getting top-quality care and meeting your goals.

In this guide, we have put together a list of NDIS Plan Managers in Melbourne that can help you with the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

In no particular order, here are some of the top NDIS Plan Managers in the Melbourne area:

Trinity Plan Management

Trinity Plan Management helps take some of the stress out of living with a disability. They help their clients simplify their lives by handling all of the day-to-day paperwork and organization that comes along with managing an NDIS plan.

They also understand that their clients are all individuals, with their own goals, needs, and ambitions. Their dedicated team can help clients stretch their NDIS funding so they never have to worry about being able to afford the help they need, and all of Trinity’s fees are paid by the NDIA — not the client.

Trinity Plan Management’s small team is committed to providing genuine personalised service for all their clients. Trinity make sure that each of their participants has a dedicated Account Manager that takes the time to understand each client and their goals.

For more information on Trinity Plan Management, their team, and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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The tagline for myAutonomy offers more life, and less life admin. Since managing your own NDIS plan can be a big challenge, and there’s always a lot of organizing and planning to handle.

This can be difficult for people already living with a disability, as well as for family members who often have to juggle the organizational and administrative duties alongside caring for their loved one. That’s why myAutonomy helps people keep track of their services, and ensures that their NDIS funding is prioritized where it’s most needed.

myAutonomy also offer an easy-to-use mobile app that provides their clients with access to all their information whenever they need it. myAutonomy also provide fast two-day payments to providers, so that their clients don’t have to worry about their support.

To learn more about myAutonomy and their NDIS Plan Managers in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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Support Chain

Support Chain is an NDIS Plan Management group whose office is based out of Dingley Village in Melbourne. Their team comprises of experienced professionals committed to enhancing the lives of those living with significant and permanent disability.

Support Chain wants their clients to get all they can out of their NDIS budget. They can help participants better manage their funding by handling all of the mundane aspects, and offering personalized support and information in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Support Chain will explain any aspect of the NDIS plan that may be unclear, and allow clients to choose the services that they want as part of their plan management.

Budget information and invoices are accessible in a clear, secure format, so clients can always make informed decisions about their NDIS funding.

To learn more about Support Chain and their team of NDIS Plan Managers in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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Whether you’re new to the NDIS or have been managing a plan for a while, are a person with a disability or the parent or carer for someone who is, LifeFul can help you.

Their experience stretches back to the NDIS’ inception, and they offer both plan management and support coordination services so their clients can get the most out of what their NDIS plan offers.

The team at Lifeful always act on their clients’ behalf, to offer them the most control and choice possible. LifeFul’s Plan Managers are an expert team of qualified accountants with NDIS knowledge and experience that use a fully automated claims process to ensure that their clients’ invoices are paid on time.

LifeFul also offer their clients use of an application called CareView Advantage, to enable participation and capacity building with understanding their NDIS finances.

For more information on LifeFul and their NDIS Plan Management team in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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HiCom Care

HiCom Care offers clients speedy, responsive NDIS Plan Management in Melbourne with a high degree of transparency.

If you want to know exactly how your NDIS funds are allocated, they have a secure participant portal (available online or in their app) that will tell you. You can see how much of your funding is left, track spending with handy reports, and see any invoice related to your care, any time.

HiCom handles the day-to-day administrative stuff, but their clients still have full knowledge of how their NDIS budget is going. If there’s a problem, their support staff will respond within a day.

HiCom has a 3-day claiming process, including the verification step, that ensures their clients’ invoices are paid correctly on time.

To learn more about HiCom and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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9D Care

9D Care is a disability service provider that offers a wide range of disability support services in Melbourne, including NDIS Plan Management.

9D Care’s plan managers can be a vital connection between clients and support. They handle paying invoices, giving clients spending reports, and helping clients better manage their NDIS budget. They can also help clients access more support providers than they otherwise would if they were NDIA managed.

9D can help take care of the anxiety and headaches that come with paying medical bills, by ensuring that all of their clients’ invoices are handled quickly and appropriately and by making sure that clients have all of the information they need to make the best care decisions they can.

For more information on 9D Care and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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Onboard Supports

Onboard Supports is passionate about making the process of navigating NDIS plans as easy and stress-free as possible. Clients get their own manager, who they’ll get to know on a first-name basis, as well as access to spending reports.

Onboard also knows how important it is for clients to get their preferred service providers, so they work hard to make sure that’s possible.

They pay invoices promptly, and make sure that all of their clients have a direct line to their specific plan manager – no complicated voice menus to navigate or long phone numbers to remember.

Onboard Supports assist their clients with keeping track of paperwork, paying service providers promptly through the NDIS portal, and managing financial reporting.

For more information on Onboard Supports and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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Take a Break Plan Management

Take A Break Plan Management is a disability support group that offers NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination services in the northern Melbourne area.

They have over 20 years of experience within the disability sector, and have no conflicts of interest – they focus on the client, so that their clients can always get the providers and care that they need, from a team tailored specifically for the clients’ needs and goals.

Take A Break also has a very extensive network, so they can help set clients up with the best supports in their local area.

Take a Break’s founder is a Plan Manager who is also a qualified bookkeeper and a registered BAS agent in Australia. She is a Certified Xero Advisor with a detailed understanding of NDIS planning and budgets.

To learn more about Take a Break and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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EzyCare Disability Services

EzyCare Disability Services know that clients have a choice when it comes to managing their NDIS plan. That’s why they go out of their way to ensure that the people who trust them to do it reap as many benefits as possible.

They pay providers promptly, keep track of funding, offer financial reports, and make sure that clients always have control and a choice when it comes to their care providers.

There’s no paperwork and no headache, and some clients may find that they may even have more options when it comes to choosing the service providers they want.

EzyCare aim to give their clients the choice and control of self-management without the administrative burden of paying and claiming invoices.

For more information on EzyCare Disability Services and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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Enabled4Life has the distinction of being one of Australia’s largest NDIS plan managers.

They pay invoices quickly (within two days of a claim being approved), provide clients with a 24/7 budget app so they can view invoices and track their funding, and have a friendly, knowledgeable team available to provide whatever plan help their clients might need.

Enabled4Life has a wealth of experience in accounting, social services, and systems integration. They issue monthly activity statements, track expenses, and project over and underspends for their clients.

Working with Enabled4Life also gives clients a larger pool of service providers to choose from. All of this comes at no extra cost to participants — all of Enabled4Life’s fees are funded through the NDIS.

To learn more about Enabled4Life and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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Sky Plan Management

Sky Plan Management pays invoices quickly, and helps clients use their NDIS funding as effectively as possible. Their plan management experts are available to explain things and provide help along the way, including budgeting assistance.

There’s also a user-friendly budget dashboard where clients can view their budget, old invoices, and current balance, accessible through desktop or mobile.

If clients need to purchase supplies online, but don’t have the money upfront, Sky Plan Management can even help by placing orders for them and claiming funds from the client’s NDIS plan.

Sky Plan Management pays invoices within 2 business of receipt, sends out monthly NDIS plan budget statements, and responds to questions and queries from both participants and service providers within 24 hours.

For more information on Sky Plan Management and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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Orange Plan Management

The Orange Plan Management team has more than 15 years lived experience as partners and carers of people with disabilities. Through this, they know first-hand the challenges and frustrations that confront people with a disability and their support network.

Orange Plan Management lets participants choose the providers they want (including both registered and non-registered providers), as well as negotiates prices to let participants pay less than the NDIS pricing guide.

Their plan managers pay invoices, keep track of participant funds, and handle any financial reporting, all of which are accessible through the company’s portal. Depending on an individual’s circumstances, Orange can also assist with choosing support providers.

Participants can make decisions based on the best value for their NDIS funding, so they can get as much support as they need while ensuring that their budget stretches as far as possible.

To learn more about Orange Plan Management, their team, and their NDIS Plan Management services in Melbourne, check out their website below.

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If you live with a disability, or care for someone who does, then you know how much time and energy it takes to manage. The last thing you need is to add a bunch of accounting and organizational tasks to that.

These NDIS plan managers take care of the administrative stuff for you, so you can rest easy knowing that your NDIS budget is in good hands.

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