Best Aged Care Facilities in Perth

If you’re looking into aged care for yourself or a loved one, you know how important it is to pick a top-notch facility.

Fortunately, Perth is full of excellent residences staffed with caring employees, so you can rest easy knowing that you or your loved one is getting the best care.

In no particular order, here are some of the best Aged Care Facilities in Perth:

Aegis Aged Care

Aegis Aged Care offers an impressive 29 care homes in Perth and the South-West, many able to accommodate well over a hundred placements.

Each home has a different focus and range of services, including respite and specialized dementia specific care. Seniors are encouraged to take an active role in decision making and maintain as much of their feelings of independence as possible.

Aegis provides in-house chefs, cleaning services, and individualized care plans. Each resident gets access to a nurse call button, 24 hour care, and state-of-the-art security, safety, and fire protection.

For more information on Aegis and their Aged Care Facilities in Perth, check out their website below.

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Brightwater Group

Brightwater Group maintains 12 homes across Perth that are dedicated to a range of different needs, from low, to high, to specialized dementia care.

Brightwater is notable for their holistic approach to resident health. They provide care from nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and more.

They also have their own research center, so you can rest assured knowing that you or your loved one are receiving the most advanced, evidence-based care available.

Brightwater also provides transition care for older people leaving the hospital. This is a temporary accommodation program that can help provide people with the care they need until they’re ready to move to a more permanent living arrangement.

To learn more about Brightwater Group and their Aged Care Homes in Perth, check out their website below.

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Regents Garden

Regents Garden is billed as a provider of comfortable, luxury care facilities. They have five unique, elegant locations, which offer either their 5-star or 5-star Extra Service + PLUS packages.

In addition to the standard of care expected from a top-quality aged care facility, residents who receive their 5-star services are entitled to restaurant-quality meals and flatscreen televisions in their private rooms.

Residents who opt for the Extra Service + PLUS package get a spacious suite, private bathroom, and access to gardens and sitting rooms.

Regents Garden’s facilities are also equipped with gymnasiums, massage therapists, and aestheticians. In addition to providing long-term care, Regents Garden also offers Extra Service + PLUS respite care.

For more information on Regents Garden and their Aged Care Facility locations in Perth, check out their website below.

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Bethanie Aged Care

Bethanie Aged Care offers 13 aged care care homes in the Perth area.

Residents can receive 24-hour nursing care, help from physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and podiatrists, compassionate care for people nearing the end of their lives, and spiritual support from chaplains.

Bethanie also offers respite care and specialized services for people suffering from dementia.

If you or your loved one are just starting the process of seeking out aged care, Bethanie also has transition services available.

They can help you choose a good aged care home, assess needs, and navigate government systems. They operate with transparency, so you know exactly what’s going on at every stage of the process.

To learn more about Bethanie and their Aged Care Homes in Perth, check out their website below.

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Juniper has over 25 locations in Perth and the surrounding area, each of which provides all-day nursing care, dieticians, allied health, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

Residents also benefit from entertainment options and social activities within and without the care home. All residents receive care tailored for their individual needs, including people with dementia who may require more intensive support.

For people who may not need full time support, Juniper also has a number of Day Therapy centers. These offer group activities, assistance with mobility aids, personalized exercise programs, and more.

For more information on Juniper and their Aged Care Facilities in Perth, check out their website below.

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Regis Aged Care

Regis Aged Care currently has nine locations in the Perth area that provide permanent care, respite care, and specialized programs for people with dementia.

Their care philosophy emphasizes the importance of relationships and activities. In addition to skilled nursing and other therapeutic services, they also offer daily activity sessions, weekly programs, and bigger monthly celebrations.

Residents can enjoy and socialize during barbecues, art classes, music sessions, and much more.

This same care and attention are paid to their menu, which provides fresh, healthful, delicious foods and a number of options so residents can choose their favorites.

To learn more about Regis and their Aged Care Facility locations in Perth, check out their website below.

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SwanCare has four facilities in Perth, with a total of over 400 individual places. Some are single rooms with ensuite bathrooms, and others are doubles.

Locations vary from facilities for people who require more intensive care, to others intended to imitate the intimate community feel of a small town.

Their locations are comfortable and homey, while still providing state of the art clinical services, nursing care for complex medical needs, specialized dementia care, palliative care, and respite options.

They also offer dietician-approved meals, cafes, catering, and laundry services, as well as a wide array of social activities to ensure that residents engaged and entertained.

For more information on SwanCare and their Aged Care Facilities in Perth, check out their website below.

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Opal HealthCare

Opal HealthCare has five care communities within 19 kilometers of Perth, and an additional one within 26.

All of their homes are designed to provide high-quality nursing and therapeutic care, while also encouraging a vibrant, meaningful lifestyle.

Residents’ individual needs are always taken into account, and each one is given the opportunity to pursue their passions.

Opal’s facilities also serve as centers for the wider community, offering markets, concerts, dances, and fairs. Some locations also welcome family pets for visits, while others may have resident animals.

Opal also provides high-quality, balanced meals served in an atmosphere conducive to socializing.

Facilities strive to provide residents with as much choice as they feasibly can and encourage residents to take part in growing fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables and preparing meals.

To learn more about Opal HealthCare and their Aged Care Communities in Perth, check out their website below.

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Hall & Prior Health & Aged Care Group

Hall & Prior has 15 care homes in the Perth metro area, providing residential care, dementia care, and palliative support.

They understand that transitioning into residential care can be difficult and stressful, and work hard to make that change as smooth as possible.

Hall & Prior also understand that one care solution doesn’t necessarily fit every resident – their staff can care for everything from people who require minor assistance with daily tasks like dressing or bathing, to those with more complex medical needs.

Each of Hall & Prior’s residences is unique, so prospective clients can find a home that best suits them.

For more information on Hall & Prior and their Aged Care Homes in Perth, check out their website below.

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Amana Living

Amana Living is one of Western Australia’s largest not-for-profit providers of aged care. Their services range from day clubs to affordable retirement homes, to residential aged care and specialized dementia support.

They have 13 homes that provide all-day personal and clinical care that pays attention to their clients’ physical and psychological needs.

Residents are encouraged to maintain as much independence as they can and have input into their services and care.

Amana also has a vibrant enrichment program to help residents stay active, make new friends, and engage with the world around them.

To learn more about Amana Living and their Aged Care Facilities in Perth, check out their website below.

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The choice of an aged care home is never one that you should undertake lightly. Transitioning from independent living to a care home can be difficult at the best of times.

Choosing a good facility not only helps make this transition easier, it can also have a huge impact on your or your loved one’s future health and quality of life.

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